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In this article we will begin looking into how to play hands before the flop in Texas hold'em, and more particularly No Limit Hold'em. This game, named by legend Doyle Brunson as the Cadillac of poker games is sweeping over the world on a wave of TV signals. As we proceed with more articles on this subject I suggest you re-read the previous ones from time to time. This will help you master this very important aspect of hold'em play.

The technicalities and a few poker terms

Every player on the table is dealt two cards face down. These cards are referred to as hole cards or pocket cards. These hole cards can be suited, meaning you got two of the same suit like spades for instance. Off suit is a term that describes a hand consisting of two different suits (one spade and one heart for example). You can also pick up a pair in the hole, or even a hand like 6-7. The latter belongs to a group of hands we call connectors. Fairly straightforward and easy in other words.

What I want you to learn from the articles on this subject

The most common mistake among beginning poker players is to play too many hands. I suggest you keep this in mind as this error can empty your wallet. I know it might be a bit monotonous and even boring to play only the premium hands and a few other selected hands like I want you to do, but you do want to win the money don't you? Winning poker play at the lower betting levels where every sane beginner should start out might be viewed as boring to the action junkie or the crazy gambler, but with a few adrenaline-pumping moments here and there, and a continuous growth of bills in your wallet, I am sure you will feel a strong sense of reward from playing good solid poker.

How does the opposition play then?

A lot of players will play any two cards they get because they treat poker like any other fun gambling game of chance. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Entertainment is a legitimate reason to play poker. You, the winning player should be aware that most of these happy-go-lucky players will contribute greatly to your financial growth as they simply play too many hands.

Some players will narrow their hand selection to only pairs and Ace King, Ace Queen. These players are often referred to as "rocks". You will not see many of the kind, but they do exist. They are definitely profitable players, but they are not taking the game to its most profitable level. They know how to play a "tight" game, and that's it. As the good player you are you quickly learn to be careful in pots that rocks get heavily involved in. They seldom bluff and they only play good hands, hmmmmm, what does that mean?

However, most players you will encounter are somewhere in between these two extreme styles of pre flop play. Some play more hands than others; some are more aggressive than others. All these things we will cover, but one step at a time. A huge bankroll isn't built in a day.

Now, let's start to get a little more specific

So, what do we look for in a good starting hand? Many beginners quickly learn that the big pairs are good starting hands. It is obvious that Ace King is good too. This takes two minutes to learn, and many have a list of playable hands in front of them while they play. These objective standards are good rules of thumb, but nothing more. I do not advise you to pay too much attention to these static views upon poker play.

You must remember that this is a dynamic game where the values of a hand can change greatly based on your position at the table, the action in the hand before it is your turn to act and many other factors. The pair of Queens that most certainly is on your good hands list is not so good anymore after two opponents have moved a lot- or all of their chips into the pot for instance. The A-3 of spades which normally is a piece of cheese becomes a very nice hand in late position when three other players already have entered the pot for a minimum. Do not get caught in static thinking when it comes to starting hands and you have progressed a lot already.

In general I think that unless you run really "hot" and get good cards every hand, or really "cold", meaning you get no cards at all, should aim to play 1-2 hands pr 10 hands dealt on average. By keeping this in mind, or maybe even writing it down you can force yourself to never get out of line with sloppy play. However, I must underline that this is a static simplification of the matter, and that it should be treated carefully. It is a just an average, and nothing more.

Hopefully this text has opened your mind a little to poker and pre flop poker play in particular.

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