Three small tips for profitable poker play.

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Cooper24/12 2004 09:52

zapera torsdag d. 23. december 2004 kl. 17:39:53

If you are not an expert, play fewer hands. The most common mistake beginners make is that they play too many pre-flop hands that should be discarded. Stay disciplined. This may feel like you are being a bit of a chicken, but if you are playing 0,5-1,0 euro Texas No Limit Hold'em and think about this continually, then you will go from being a loosing player to a break even player. If you are sitting at an early position in relation to the dealer button on an eight man table and the table is full, discard hands like King-Jack, Queen-Jack, and Ace-Ten. Unless you are an expert poker player, these hands will only give you grey hairs.

If a player you suspect might be quite a good one raises early in the game, then it is normally not profitable to call his bets with a hand like Ace-Jack and King-Queen. If your opponent has Ace-King or Ace-Queen, you are in a lot of trouble if the flop ends up being for example Ace-9-2. Your opponent has a better kicker (side-cards). When you have at least a hundred hours of playing time under your belt, then you can be a bit more liberal when choosing which hands to play. Until then, it will be more profitable to be extra cautious.

Don't go to deep into a game with a hand that you strictly speaking should discard. Let's say you call a pre-flop raise with a pair in fours. Three other players are in the pot so four players in total see the flop. The cards in the flop are Ace-King-Seven. Now there are really only two cards in the whole pack that you can win with. You have to realize that in a pot that has been raised and where there are three other players, then a pair in fours is not worth much. An experienced player will want to minimize his losses, folds, and foregoes the pre-flop investment. An inexperienced player may think he should go all the way to the River and then ends up loosing to a stronger hand. The sooner you avoid these classic mistakes the better.

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Tyl#1 - 24/01 2005 13:35

Sørme ærgeligt, jeg ikke læste dette før, jeg spillede første gang :P. Men man lærer jo hele tiden.

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Tyl#2 - 25/01 2005 09:48

Hov, en ting til. Jeg tænkte på.. Du har vel ikke selv skrevet dette, da det er engelsk? Det ville bare være underligt i et dansk forum. Så, hvis du har taget det et andet sted fra, findes der så flere 'punkter' end de 3, som er skrevet op der? :)

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zapera#3 - 01/03 2005 20:25

sorry Tyl kan ikke lige huske hvor jeg fik det fra :(

men der var kun lige de 3 der....

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